James Baker-Statesman or Traitor? Media complicity continues.

It's no secret the close ties between the Bush dynasty and the Saudi Arabian royalty....as part of the Bush inner-circle, James Baker has profited greatly from his relationship with the oil sheiks to the tune of $200 million or more according to Carlyle Group investments. Right now the media is exhibiting its usual shallowness and lack of in-depth reporting, feeding into the Bush administrations plan to override the Democrats. The American public didn't just elect the Democrats as a check to the Bush administration, in order for Poppy Bush's ax-man to come in and set the agenda for our foreign policy. As we speak, Baker's law firm is representing the Saudis against a lawsuit filed by the 9/11 families. I haven't checked, but my guess is that a Lexis Nexis search would show little to no articles on this fact. With all of the lawyers available and with 9/11 being such a catastrophic event to this country, it would seem that a statesman would have the dignity and discretion to politely say no to representing the Saudis. A traitor on the other hand would have no problem profiting further from the collective misery of the 9/11 victim's families.