Poppy Bush to the rescue.......again!

Throughout his adult life, George W. Bush has relied on his father's helping hand to get him out of messes (Cocaine use causing missed Medical exams during VietNam war and AWOL from National Guard Unit, Arbusto business failure, Harken Energy insider trading investigation by S.E.C.) or into a no-risk sweetheart deal (300,000 loaned to him and then sold for 12 Million-Texas Rangers baseball deal). Now after plunging Iraq and the region into a Super-Terrorist center of WalMart proportions, and now having the threat of the new Democratic Congress actually Checking and Balancing his ass, W. has called on the old man's proteges. Robert Gates, an ex-CIA chief was named the new Defense Secretary, and he will be working with Poppy's consigliere James Baker of the Iraq Study Group to try and use some hard-headed pragmatism to help extricate ourselves from this debacle with the least amount of instability and death.